Behind the name are the machines. Behind the machines is an art.

And a builder: Stéphane. It's been a year already since this tattoo artist took over from Hervé. His aim is to be the bridge between today's artists and traditional tattooing. Nothing matters more to him than to perpetuate this expertise, with added "Swissness".

This transition coincides with the company's 15th anniversary – a ready-made opportunity to reinvent its identity and remind the world what makes the business unique. A rebirth, and a passion that is more than skin-deep.

The HB machine is no ordinary machine. It has character, soul, a name. It's old-school tattooing, tuned for today. This isn't plug-and-play. It takes an experienced hand. Then listen to it hum, whir and click as it goes mano a mano with the skin. Each tattoo carries the artist's style and, through them, the mark of the machine.

The HB machine is a manifesto. All our products are proud to carry on a tradition. Without exception. The coil machine is more than a tool. It reaffirms tattooing's true credentials. It tells a story. Perpetuates a skill. Makes a statement. If you've got what it takes, its hidden subtleties, as well as its character, will be revealed. An electrifying experience.


The HB machine has nerves of steel and an electromagnetic heart. These little gems can even call themselves 100% Made in Switzerland. The forty-some parts are studied and calculated with an almost obsessive attention to detail. Before being machined, pierced and patinated. The frame is a single block – though one size doesn't fit all. The coils are hand-made. The entire package is assembled – and tested – in our workshop. Steel, aluminium and iron transform into Fast Liners, Liners, Strong Liners and Shaders.

Small and signed HB, with a lifetime service guarantee.

The HB machine is the voice of the most in-demand artists. Its needles come alive in the hands of Johann Morel, Christian Nguyen, Happy pets, Simon Baron and the team at Think Tattoo, to name but some. They are Switzerland's tattoo heroes, and they're making their mark on the world.

The HB machine – Make some noise.